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Company overview

Buzzword Group is a full service technology consultant focused on the 3 S’s: Small business, Self-employed & Sole proprietors. With service plans and products that fit all budgets, we bring big business tech to your small business.

We specialize at turning ideas into reality and we believe that the best way to do this is to work with your company’s greatest resource, you! By working with you throughout the whole process we help deliver the solution that you want, the way you want it.

We don’t have clients; we have partners. We look at every business that we work with as an extension of Buzzword.
Why? Because your business is important to you which means it’s important to us. It’s a human thing

Our mission

Building development plans for your business that are achievable, timely and within any budget with the goal to:

  • Work smarter hours — and make smarter money
  • Attract and retain quality, high-paying customers
  • Manage your time so you’ll get more done in less time
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Automate your business, so you can leave for days, weeks, or even months at a time

Our owner

Tyler has a wealth of experience in different roles and environments including over a decade spent at one of Canada’s largest technology companies. His experience includes retail, sales, management, marketing, analytics, project management and he spent time as head of national B2B pricing at one of Canada’s top 30 grossing revenue companies. This knowledge has given Tyler a unique lens in which to view business and clients allowing out of the box thinking and proficient problem solving as well as a plethora of hands-on experience and industry connections that he’s able to use to help his clients grow and succeed.
Tyler Meilleur
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Tyler is very reliable, helpful and also knowledgeable about everything computers and tech. Buzzword has saved me countless dollars by coming up with tailored solutions for my small business.

Carrie E.
Owner, Love Your Pet

We don't have clients; we have partners. Reach out today to learn how we can help you.