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Tyler is very reliable, helpful and also knowledgeable about everything computers and tech. Buzzword has saved me countless dollars by coming up with tailored solutions for my small business.

Carrie E.
Owner, Love Your Pet

Internet of Things/Machine to Machine/Smart Devices

How we use connected technology has changed drastically and we can do more than ever now. Smart devices that control every aspect of our home and office can save time and money and that’s just the beginning.

Implementing machine to machine (M2M) or internet of things (IoT) devices into your business can revolutionize how you work. Pressure sensors updating remotely; always. Tracking devices in your vehicles that tell you when it’s time for maintenance and provides driver reports. Moisture, humidity and pH sensors for your soil to ensure your crops yield the best.

All this power is at your fingertips. We help navigate the technology to get you what you need within the budget you have.

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Connecting Devices

Internet of Things and Machine to Machine devices are everywhere and the number of devices is growing exponentially. Don’t get left behind. Buzzword is your all-inclusive partner with an ability to provide your business with the connected devices it requires to be successful.

One-Stop Shop

We have a wide variety of available connected devices including cameras, USB internet devices, mobile hotspots, wearables, tablets, boosters, repeaters, GPS tracking devices, monitoring devices and much, much more.

Custom Solutions

Have a very complex issue needing resolution or require some out-of-the-box thinking and design? We also offer custom solutions including custom hardware. Reach out today to learn more.

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