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Technology Support & Consulting

Buzzword Group provides Umbrella Support Services for all current and new IT systems your business uses. This support allows you to focus on what it is you and your company do best while allowing Buzzword to manage the inconveniences, hurdles, obstacles, and frustrations that stand in the way. Support for all platforms including managing the relationship with the third parties and their support teams. With hands-on and remote support available, Buzzword has your business’ tech needs covered.

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What Our Support Can Offer

Work more meaningful hours

Your time spent working on your business is truly spent on your business. Leave the technology to us.

Attract the right customer

Use of technology can allow you to attract and retain quality, paying customers and let them tell their friends!

Cut expenses without cutting quality

We find the right solution for the right budget so you can continue to grow without worrying about your technology holding you back

Better time manegement

For you, your customers and your employees. Providing time-saving workflows and processes that make the best use of your time.

Buzzword Support

Receive support from us for research, purchase, implementation, training and continued tech support for any and all products and services you need. 

Automate your business

By automating processes and creating workflows that happen automatically in the background allows you and your team to focus on getting new customers and keeping existing customers happy.

Procurement Services

New Tools & Software

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new tools and use of resources within their budget.

We do all the research to find the software that fits your needs and budget, structure the agreement, implement, train and then provide ongoing support so you're not alone. 

Hardware Procurement

Every business needs to invest in hardware; whether it’s replacing your phone, buying a new laptop or purchasing a security and inventory control system for your new retail store. There are hundreds of options out there, each with their own pros and cons.

We use our knowledge and network to find the best solution for you at the price point you need. Plus, we can install it all. 

IT Support for All Industries

Retail & Restaurant

Retail and restaurant rely on technology use for inventory, sales, payment, scheduling, and more. Who do you rely on to make sure it works?


Being self-employed is hard enough. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on what you do best: run your business.


With web & app development and access to all the tech tools you need, we help turn your idea into a reality.

Marketing & Sales

No matter the size, every sales team needs the proper tools to succeed. We procure, implement, train and support, so you can focus on selling.

We help keep your business running by supporting everything tech.

Keep track of all your interactions with clients. Control your sales funnels and have more insight into what’s working. Automate notifications and processes to allow you to sell more and do less admin work. We provide support and training on all implemented services to ensure you use the tools you pay for. 

Manage orders from start to finish. Automate and track all aspects of the projects you’re working on. Keep all teams on task and on target. We don’t change your business, we help it run at peak performance. 

We can help digitize your paper processes and digitalize your day-to-day. Keep better records, get things done faster and serve more clients.

Bring it all online and give your employees and customers an easy to use and manage system. Ensure your employees are happy and engaged. Keep your customers in-tune and get paid sooner.

Your business runs on tech. The internet you use across all devices, the cell phones and landlines you use to talk to your employees and customers, the email you use to communicate with everyone and the point of sale and debit/credit machines you use. These tech services make up relatively small portion of your total cost but they impact your business the most. We provide in-depth knowledge and relationships that ensure you receive the best product for your situation and the best price your budget allows. 

Work from anywhere